Ten ways to make the most out of a Facebook Business Page


Facebook is one of the most popular and important internet marketing tools and this post covers how to make the most of it to drive engagement, traffic and ultimately convert followers into customers.

The best way to think about a Facebook page is as a store front, where you can add photos, videos, a store/services page, enable people to leave reviews, and so much more.

  1. You have to ensure you have a relevant and striking cover photo and profile photo, and have filled your “About” section. This is also where you highlight your contact details and links so that it is easy for your followers to find.
  2. Depending on the niche of your business, it is worthwhile creating a linked Facebook Group that your customers/followers can join, and where you can share information, special offers and photos or videos. This is because Facebook has recently changed its algorithm to give higher preference to communities and groups, and thus this would be an ideal way to ensure your posts have reach.
  3.  Post regularly. I would recommend posting at least once daily as a minimum to keep your followers engaged and to improve your reach within Facebook’s ever changing algorithm. In terms of timing these posts, I would suggest just before peak times and to include photos and videos.
  4. Save valuable time and schedule posts within the Facebook Page Manager or with the help of apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite. This will help you stay on top of your content and will stop you getting stressed out that you can’t think of content on the day.
  5. Use Facebook Ads to boost quality posts to further increase your reach.
  6. Use Facebook Lives and Stories to give verbal updates or to show behind the scenes footage. Facebook Lives are becoming really important and by having a regular broadcasting schedule it will draw the followers in.
  7. Have calls to actions in your post that encourage followers to comment and participate in a discussion or make your content shareable.
  8. Respond to messages and comments and interact regularly with your followers. Facebook gives a rough estimate of the time that a page takes to respond to messages based on your activity.
  9. Use the insights to analyse what kind of posts have the better engagement and reach to plan relevant future content.
  10. Add your Facebook page link via a social icon on your website, or a link in an email signature, newsletters and make sure you promote it from your Twitter/LinkedIn or Instagram accounts.

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