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5 ways to get your blog seen online and raise your profile!

Trying to stand out online these days can be a difficult (and incredibly frustrating) process. There are millions of blogs and businesses out there and it is getting more challenging trying to get more exposure as the numbers continue to increase.

Here are 5 suggestions of ways with actionable tips in which you can help your website be seen by more people. Start incorporating these today and elevate your personal brand and stand out in the blogosphere!


Getting more people to visit your blog is one thing but once you’ve captured them, how do you get them to stay and spend more time on your website?

One sure way is by creating useful content for both your existing and potential readers. Examples of how to do this are:

  • Write longer detailed posts
  • Including relevant images
  • Always try and add your own personal experience and tips
  • Try and answer questions your readers didn’t even know they should be asking
  • Write Listicles – e.g Top ten ways of, or Top ten destinations etc

Take action: Spend time going your most popular posts from the past, re-read them with this in mind and update them with more info, more relevant images. Be sure to add the image descriptions on and make them ‘pinnable’ for Pinterest. Can you group some of your content into a list?


A sure way to get your website in front of a new audience is by offering to guest post or pitch articles on other websites. Only do this for relevant and credible websites and if you are able to include a bio about yourself with a link to your website.

Another way is by being interviewed about your blog on a website.

Take action: Have a look at websites where other bloggers have been featured and email them with a pitch for a guest post or to be interviewed. Blogosphere Magazine, Vuelio, Trips 100, Foodies 100 are good places to start if you are UK based.


Are there any sites you personally visit because they are your go-to source for specific information? You want your site to be the same for others so have a good brainstorm about the category and type of knowledge or experience that you have to offer.

One way of doing this is by analysing which of your posts tend to be more popular with your
readers. Think about what value you give your readers and what they take away from your site each time they visit.
Once you’ve decided what value you give aim to create a highly consistent and specific brand wherever you go and wherever your brand exists online.

Take action: Write down the specific value or take-aways that your readers get from visiting your site. Brainstorm ways you can incorporate that value into your complete online presence (i.e. your website, social media, newsletter, etc).


Finding creative ways to collaborate with others will allow you to be seen by new audiences and build
friendships with others in your field. It is a total win-win.

Here are a few suggestions for ways to do this:

  •  Interviewing another blogger for your blog
  •  Participating in or hosting a Twitter chat
  •  Joining a Travel Link Up or other Linky

Take action: Research different Twitter chats that appeal to you and contact the host and offer to host it on one day.


Although this sounds obvious it is easy to forget to interact with people on social media. Spend time visiting other people’s blogs and commenting on their content. Try and re-tweet other people’s posts as well.

Take action: Spend 60% of your time promoting and sharing your own content. The other 40% should be used to promote, share, and interact with other people’s content.

Blog Coaching

I now offer blog coaching sessions. Whether you’re looking for a one-off coaching session to focus on something specific or are interested in a more personalised training programme, I will work with you to tailor a training plan that is best suited for you.

Training plans will be tailored and can cover topics such as:

  • Search engine optimisation and key phrase planning
  • Content ideas generation
  • How to increase engagement and traffic
  • How to optimise your content
  • How to schedule effectively
  • How to create an editorial calendar
  • How to make Social media work for your blog
  • How to build your personal brand
  • How to monetise your blog
  • How to stay productive, focused and develop a success mindset
  • How to pitch to PRs and brands
  • How to create a media kit

In addition I will be your accountability partner and provide ongoing support so you can get feedback and a second opinion on anything you need.

Coaching sessions can take place either face to face if you are based in London, or over the phone.

One off coaching sessions start from £150.

Get in touch to find out more at binnyjs@yahoo.co.uk


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  1. Some great tips here Binny that I really need to work on. Thanks for sharing

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